Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Salt & Pepper Symbols

To demonstrate how repentance and the atonement works, spread a cup or two of table salt over a colored dinner plate explain that this represents your body and spirit when you are born--pure and clean. Then drop a pinch of pepper in the middle of the salt. Explain to your listeners that the pepper represents sin.  Imagine how long and tedious it would be to remove the pepper like sin from your life by yourself grain by grain.  Take a  plastic spoon like the kind you get from a fast food restaurant and rub it back and forth in your hair or a strip of fur to generate static electricity.   Pass the spoon over the pepper--and most of it will jump up and stick to the spoon. Ask,  “See how quickly the spoon lifted the pepper? This represents the atonement and how the Savior helps us remove sin and it’s influence from our lives, if we obey his commandments and ask him.”

Original idea from Jenny Smith LDS Object Lesson 2:
Atonement / Repentance / Forgiveness


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