Thursday, July 5, 2012

Mormon Movie Night (Redux) Youth Activity idea

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Remember the adventure of Johnny Lingo and the 8 cow wife, the discovery of meaning in Man's Search for Happiness, or the zany fun of Singles Ward? 

The Holladay Stake is planning a look back at Mormon Movies (with a twist) and you are invited to come see how the youth in our stake think they could be updated.

It's a Mormon Movie Night REDUX at Olympus Junior High School on Saturday night, October 27, 2012 at 7:00 PM for a look back at six of the great old Mormon Movies updated by the Youth of the Salt Lake Holladay Stake.

This summer, each ward is working to produce a brief five minute video to remind us all of the message of some of these great old Mormon movies and here's the twist: a live action finish on stage.

It's a popcorn and nachos night this fall for the whole stake --- Home Grown Video, Live Action, Fun and Food...all of us together enjoying the messages and fun of classic Mormon films through the lenses and the live action and updated endings by the Youth of our Stake---and you're invited.

Mark your calendar, October 27th, Saturday night starting at 7:00 PM for fun and food at the Mormon Movie Night REDUXl.

And you get to choose between Popcorn and Nachos or maybe even both!

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