Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The real final exam- His Image in our Countenance!

Students fiinishing a summer course in Humanitarian Studies showed up at their regularly scheduled classroom to a note on the white board:  "Please come to a classroom across campus  for the final.  Take your time.   Exam begins in 20 minutes"

As class members walked to the exam, the instructor had enlisted help from friends who posed along the way as a frantic mother who had temporarily lost her child, a senior citizen who has fallen off his bike and possibly broken his ankle,  etc.

The exam was administered and graded in class and the papers passed back.  Then  in the final moments of the class with backpacks at the ready and the instructor about to dismiss the class, the final lesson:

"How many of you made it to the exam on time?"  Every hand went up with the exception of three students in the back of the class.

"What about you three?"   

"We're sorry, brother Jones, but we stopped to help a mom find her toddler!"

"Was there an elderly brother with a broken ankle?" smiled Jones..

"How did you know?" one of the three asked suspiciously.

"I'm pleased to announce the three members of our class who got the message and earned an A grade," Jones smiled again.

"The title of this class is, "Do You Have his Image in Your Countenance" and you three passed the REAL final exam with flying colors!

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