Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Who shall say his Generations?

In ancient Israel a man's wealth was measured in several ways:  In land, in numbers of shoes...but mostly in Family--off spring:  SONS!

In the New Testament the author asks of Jesus, "Who shall say his generations?  Code for how many sons will he have.

Some scholars believe that the premise of the popular Brown book and Tom Hanks Movie, the Da Vinci Code may have been true:  That Jesus married Mary Magdelene, they had a daughter and she escaped to France where her daughter was the basis for a royal line directly from the Savior himself.

Early teachings in the church included the idea that Joseph Smith, Heber C. Kimball and other church leaders had a common French ancestor decended by all popular accounts from this daughter as well; that the blood of Christ literally ran through the veins of the leaders of the restoration.

Does it really matter?


I don't believe so.... because the real meaning of SONS of God is hinted at by King Arthur in his conversation with his illegitimate son Mordrid.  Mordrid had a wicked wish to be the heir after Arthur's death...and Aruthr knew it.

Said Arthur to Mordrid, "If only you could believe as I do, then you could truly be my son!"

That's the key to understanding the concept of "Who shall say his Generations?"

The real answer to the question is thousands of his spiritual sons (and daughters)

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