Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Renting to The Opposition!

Daryl Parker was just released as a Bishop in Green River, Wyoming.  He's a dentist; former missionary to Korea and husband to Nancy, a lovely Korean bride of nearly forty years he met at BYU's Asian Branch when we were all students there in the seventies.

He has a few years to go to retire as one of Green River, Wyoming's dentists.  We grew up together in Scouts in Laramie, Wyoming.  His scholarships from Wyoming to Creighton Dental School sent him to Green River and he hopes to move back to Laramie into a home he's owned for several years and put out for rent.

My brother Thomas chuckled that former Bishop Parker has a challenge--that he's cheerfully facing.  A few years ago, after he bought the home, he put it up for rent...and an older couple with good references applied, were approved by the Parkers and moved in.  They've been near perfect tenants...and, by the way, did I mention: They are full time Catholic Missionaries who pay their rent on time and have taken excellent care of Dr. Parker's retirement home.

I've never brought this interesting circumstance up to my good friend, Daryl.  He was kind to come to our mother's memorial service in far away Worland, Wyoming and we spent some time catching up after near 40 years of toiling away in separate spots in the vineyard.

There'll come a day when Daryl and Nancy will move their empty nest-quarters into their retirement Shangrila in the Gem City of the Plains (Laramie)...and the Catholic missionary couple will likely have to find new digs.   Until then, the Parkers are fortunate to have such great renters--and an opportunity to practice tolerance and loving their neighbors of another faith from a distance.


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